Commitment to quality, complete satisfaction of our customers and end users of our products and services.

Low voltage products

Kaldera Company has been producing low voltage equipment since the company was founded. The quality of the products has been built on the foundations of many years of tradition and rich experience. Products in the group of low voltage are:

  • Switch cabinets
  • Automatic control cabinets
  • Custom made cabinets
  • Equipment for LV networks

We make cabinets based on the technical documentation of the customer, but we also offer complete solutions that include the conceptual design, project, production and installation.

Medium voltage products

Production of switch plants for primary and secondary distribution, small medium and large power plants, plants for power supply of 6kV motors are just a part of our production range which consists of:

  • Primary distribution system
  • Secondary distribution system
  • Equipment for MV networks

A world-renowned manufacturer, SIEMENS, recognized our capabilities and signed a contract with Kaldera Company for licensed production of primary and secondary medium voltage systems type 8DJH, SIMOSEC and NXPLUS in June 2011. By signing this agreement, Kaldera Company becomes the third SIEMENS licensed manufacturer in the world. In addition to cooperation with Siemens, Kaldera can boast with successful cooperation with ABB and SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC.

A team of our engineers and technicians has successfully developed our own primary and secondary systems that are certified in internationally accredited laboratories.


Kaldera Company has successful experience in the production, installation, testing and commissioning of all types of substations in various fields of use. We produce the following types of substation:

  • Distribution substations 10 (20) /0.4kV
  • Pole-mounted substations 10 (20) /0.4kV
  • 110 / xkV substation

We produce two types of distribution substations 10 (20) /0.4kV. The first type is distribution substations DTSK for indoor use, made of so-called sandwich panels. The second type is BTSK armored substation for outdoor use made of aluminum sheet.

We do pole-mounted substations on a steel lattice or concrete pole. Quality is our number one priority, so we produce switch cabinets (switchgears) for compact substations exclusively from aluminum sheets, which can hold out different environmental influences.

110 / xkV substations are made upon order, we build them on a "turnkey" basis, but we can be involved in any segment of production or construction.

Public lighting products

There is not much to talk about the quality of Kaldera's public lighting products. It is enough to see the lighting poles manufactured and installed at the beginning of the 2000s, which illuminated the streets of Banja Luka, Laktaši, Gradiška, Kneževo, Čajniče, etc... We also produced special poles that illuminate border crossings, rafting tracks, football stadiums and other facilities that have a special purpose. Our products for public lighting are:

  • Lighting poles
  • Public lighting cabinets

Based on a long-term cooperation with the world's leading manufacturers of lighting fixtures, we also work on public lighting projects on a "turnkey" basis. We follow world trends in the field of energy efficiency and we provide electricity savings.

Telecommunication equipment

Our telecommunications products are the result of rich experience throughout many years. We have built and put into operation several hundred telecommunication facilities. The main products are:

  1. Antenna towers
  2. RACK cabinets

We produce tubular and steel lattice antenna towers. Our RACK cabinets follow the level of the world's leading manufacturers in terms of quality and appearance. We have also developed a RACK cabinet for outdoor installation, which is protected from atmospheric influences, it is thermally insulated and air-conditioned.

110/xkV substations are made upon order, we build them on a "turnkey" basis, but we can be involved in any segment of production or construction.

Cable racks

We do the construction of cable racks with the help of the most modern software packages. Complete production is done on CNC machines. We produce solid, perforated, wire mash and ladder racks for which we have developed consoles, ceiling brackets, connectors and other necessary mounting equipment. Bolting equipment required for assembly, is an integral part of our products.