Commitment to quality, complete satisfaction of our customers and end users of our products and services.

"KALDERA COMPANY" LLC, offers a wide range of services in the electricity and telecommunications sectors:

  • Design and construction of new substations for outdoor and indoor use, on a "turnkey" basis.
  • Reconstruction, expansion and modernization of existing substations
  • Design and commissioning of management and protection systems
  • Development and commissioning of secondary distribution plants
  • Design, construction and commissioning of medium and low voltage distribution networks (overhead and cable lines)
  • Design, installation, connection and commissioning of all types of distribution cabinets
  • Production of distribution connections for individual households and industrial consumers
  • Decorative and public lighting design and construction
  • Execution of electrical installation works of strong and weak current on electric power plants, industrial and public facilities
  • Maintenance of all types of power plants


What does this mean in practice?

It starts with all-encompassing personal advice.
Once the most important requirements have been defined, then we can start planning.
As soon as the plans are in line with your wishes, we can start implementing your system.

And what's next?

Of course, we will not leave you stranded after installing your system. With our highly qualified experts, we can maintain your system. In addition, your employees can benefit from our specialized training courses, further paving the path for the smooth operation of your system.


We are your ideal contact for the following areas:

- Low voltage systems
- Medium voltage systems
- Disconnectors
- Railway power systems
- Custom products
- Compact stations



Are your systems still active?

We can replace obsolete parts with new components and prepare your system for the future!

This brings significant benefits to you:
Increased system reliability in operation
Adaptation to current standards
Module replacement for which spare parts are no longer available
Investment costs reduction in relation to the procurement of new systems
Subsequent installation of automation technologies

Revitalization is such a cost-effective and efficient way to modernize your systems.

So get in touch with us now!


By signing a service and maintenance contract tailored to your individual needs, you can reduce the risk of costly power outages and the advantage of the shortest possible intervention in the event of a breakdown. With our experienced experts, we are able to offer you the most complete service. We can ensure that your systems are reliable and available, non-stop! Our repair and maintenance team can monitor your system to detect possible faults as quickly as possible. You can benefit greatly from our expertise as a system manufacturer, the experience of our service experts and the application of state-of-the-art measurement and analysis equipment.


Your advantages

- Shorter response time
- Reduction of unplanned interruptions due to early detection
- Reduction of service costs if errors are detected on time
- Greater transparency of operating costs
- Investment security
- Tips and tricks of our experts on the spot
- Our partners enjoy the top priority
- Planning the maintenance period

Our Experience shows

The service and maintenance contract guarantees reliable operation thanks to continuous supervisions of your system - this helps to avoid many problems and their consequences!


To avoid problems on our medium and low voltage systems, we can implement cable installations and connections up to 36 kV

Whether the connection is to be made on medium voltage (MV) or low voltage (LV) systems or the installation of cable connectors, we are your first point of contact in this field.

MV cable terminations for indoor installation with push-on or shrink systems
MV connection joints with screws
MV connection joints with tensioning system
Repair of mass-impregnated cable terminations
LV connection and forked connectors ("live working")
LV connections with distributors and connecting cabinets (also "live working")

We provide protection adjustment services on relays in substations, with protections at the request of investors. We can test and present all installed protections on relays with modern testing devices. We have years of experience behind us in adjusting relay protection at the substation at HET in Trebinje, as well as at 13 substations in the area of ​​Bijeljina. The relays use the IEC61850 protocol for mutual communication.

For better visibility of the system and better monitoring on it, we perform networking of relay protection with the SCADA system, which enables continuous observation and monitoring in a given system. At the same time, we have a constant display of events in the system on the monitors, together with a display of all anomalies and failures, as in the picture.


We are witnessing that the distribution of quality electricity in a most economic and simple manner is very important for the power companies involved in electricity transmission and distribution. In order to upgrade economy, reliability, safety as well as quality of electricity supply, it would be necessary to connect substations into a system which would enable their remote supervision and management.

For those reasons, "KALDERA COMPANY" has recognized on time the important role of Scada system in the process of electricity production and distribution, and started on time the process of empowerment of its engineering staff and development of modern medium voltage (air and gas insulated) switchgears which have an option for the application of remote management and control, and thereby also managed to be one of the principal leaders in the field of power plant management. In addition to the electric power, "KALDERA COMPANY" offers also a wide range of solutions for automation systems in water management, as well as in metal industry, road and railway transport, building construction...

SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) is a system used for supervision and management of automated processes within plants in real time. The main task of SCADA system is to collect the data from the process and distribute them to supervision centers – dispatching stations. Data collection and local management is performed by microprocessors distributed in remote stations.




SCADA System HET2;Hidroelektrane na Trebišnjici a.d Trebinje

Dam on Gorica 35kV plant
Implemented ABB Micro SCADA, HSB system, implemented under the IEC61850 protocol

SCADA System; Elektroprivreda RS ,Elektrodistribucija Bijelјina;

Reconstruction and modernization of 35/10kV distribution substations 15 substations
implemented ABB Micro SCADA, implemented under the IEC61850 protocol WEB Server

SCADA System; Elektroprivreda RS Elektrodistribucija Bijelјina

Construction of a 35/10kV distribution substation Bijelјina 4
implemented PUPIN SCADA


SCADA System; Elektrodistribucija Bijelјina

Reconstruction and modernization of the MHPP Vlasenica
implemented ACS SCADA


Wastewater treatment plant RiTE Gacko

SCADA System; Elektrohercegovina a.d Trebinje

Construction, installation, testing and commissioning of a 10(20)kV distribution substation Trebinje 2
implemented PUPIN SCADA
Procurement and installation of equipment for automatic regulation of water levels in the water intake tower RiTE Gacko;