SCADA System

SCADA System

We are witnessing that the supply of quality electricity in a most economic and simple manner is very important for the power companies involved in electricity transmission and distribution. In order to upgrade economy, reliability, safety as well as quality of electricity supply, it would be necessary to connect transformer stations into a system which would enable their remote supervision and management.

For those reasons, KALDERA COMPANY has recognized on time the important role of Scada system in the process of electricity production and distribution, and started on time the process of empowerment of its engineering staff and development of modern medium voltage (air and gas insulated) switchgears which have an option for the application of remote management and control, and thereby also managed to be one of the principal leaders in the field of power plant management. In addition to the electric power, KALDERA COMPANY offers also a wide range of solutions for automation systems in water management, as well as in metal industry, road and railway transport, building construction...

SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) is a system used for supervision and management of automated processes within plants in real time. The main task of SCADA system is to collect the data from the process and distribute them to supervision centers – dispatching stations. Data collection and local management is performed by microprocessors distributed in remote stations.


SCADA System HET2;Hidroelektrane na Trebišnjici a.d Trebinje
Dam on Gorica 35kV plant
Implemented ABB Micro SCADA, HSB system, implemented under the IEC61850 protocol

SCADA System; Elektroprivreda RS ,Elektrodistribucija Bijelјina;
Reconstruction and modernization of 35/10kV distribution substations 15 substations
implemented ABB Micro SCADA, implemented under the IEC61850 protocol WEB Server

SCADA System;Elektroprivreda RS Elektrodistribucija Bijelјina
Construction of a 35/10kV distribution substation Bijelјina 4
implemented PUPIN SCADA
SCADA System;Elektrodistribucija Bijelјina
Reconstruction and modernization of the MHPP Vlasenica
implemented ACS SCADA

Wastewater treatment plant at Gacko Mine and TPP

SCADA System;Elektrohercegovina a.d Trebinje
Construction, installation, testing and commissioning of a 10(20)kV distribution substation Trebinje 2
implemented PUPIN SCADA
Procurement and installation of equipment for automatic regulation of water level in the water intake tower of the Gacko Mine and TPP;