Quality and Environmental Protection Policy

Quality and Environmental Protection Policy

The mission of existence and operation of Kaldera Company is fulfilled by meeting the needs and desires of the parties interested in the processes of development, production and distribution of electrical products and mechanical structure products required for electric power generation. The employed staff and the owner fulfill their interests by achieving complete satisfaction of buyers and end users of products and services, while meeting the needs of the social community and interests of business partners of Kaldera Company in the market concept of business relations.The vision of development of Kaldera Company is to increase production while meeting the following assumptions:

  • Always keep pace with technology modernization;
  • Always use highest quality materials;
  • Protect and improve the environment while completely controlling own activities, processes, products and services;

A standard product and service quality and care for the environment are the basis of business strategy, which provides unity of all interests, long-term presence in the market and constant development. By fulfilling the general goal to be among the leading manufacturers of electrical equipment in terms of quality of its products and services in the territory of Southeast and Western Europe, providing effective management and constant quality growth, signing the manufacturing license agreement for the entire product range of the primary and secondary medium voltage switchgear types 8DJH, SIMOSEC and NXPLUS with SIEMENS, as well as by implementing the activities on product placement at the markets of other European countries (Ireland, Switzerland, Russia, etc.) and by manufacturing and installing transmission towers for BiH Elektroprenos, Kaldera Company has focused its activities on the achievement of the following


  • establish, maintain, constantly improve and internationally certify the quality management system in compliance with the ISO 9001:2008 standard and the environmental management system in compliance with the ISO 14001:2004 standard;
  • at least once a year, through seminars or visits to renowned fairs or exhibitions, conduct a training of key personnel for the purpose of acquaintance with the new trends and technologies in our production, who will then be able to animate and motivate all employees to maximum attention and quality upgrade in their work;
  • ensure input raw material quality by procuring solely from the renowned and internationally recognized manufacturers of components and additives with controlled impact on human health;
  • ensure standard quality of finished products through surveillance, control and testing programs of the following significant product characteristics:
      1. cost price competitiveness,
      2. o meeting of agreed deadlines,
      3. o reduction of subsequent expenditures arising from inconsistencies in work processes,
      4. o reduction of total expenses of non-quality compared to total realization,
      • protect the environment through control of the environmental aspects and impacts of Kaldera Company’s processes, products and services by:
        1. applying valid legal regulations governing environmental protection,
        2. protecting employees and population from injuries and other health hazards,
        3. informing employees, suppliers and wider community about environmental protection;
      • provide constant improvement of significant product and service characteristics, and thereby also of the overall business success of Kaldera Company though constant upgrading of capacities of the business processes of:
        1. development of new and innovated products,
        2. increase of buyer satisfaction through effective marketing, sale and service,
        3. reduction of the duration of making and overall production cycle through regulation of production flows and improvement of the function of production planning and management,