LV Blocks for Distribution Substations

The LV block is intended for the installation in all types of distribution substations (built, prefabricated, concrete, DTSK, substations inside facilities, etc.). The block is designed and type tested in compliance with the IEC 60439-1, IEC 60529, 60947-3 standards. The main units of the LV block are:

Transformer feeder is part of the basic equipment of the block. This feeder houses a switch used for transformer protection from overload, and for busbars protection from overload and short circuit. The switch is equipped with a voltage (undervoltage) release for activity of contact thermostat and Buchholz relay.

Outgoing feeder is also part of a standard delivery. The number of outgoing lines, as well as the type of protection of outgoing cables is selected based on the order diagram.

Public lighting feeder is optional when ordering. Automatic lighting management can be achieved by a photo relay, astronomical relay, MTK receiver, GPRS signal, etc.

Reactive power compensation feeder is used to compensate the reactive power of idle time of a power transformer. Its ordering is optional. To compensate the reactive power of consumers, our offer includes a reactive power compensation cubicle. The appearance and dimensions of the compensation cubicle are designed in the way to enable its installation together with the LV block and its uniting with the block into one unit.

Metering panel can be ordered as one of several options. Electricity measurement can be based on a calculation or direct reading or both. In addition to electricity, other electrical values can also be measured (voltage, current, frequency, THD, etc.). Analogous or digital measuring instruments can be used for measuring. The use of digital multimeters is becoming increasingly frequent lately as they measure several values and have a possibility of communication.