Oil and Emulsion filtering plants

Oil purification plant for the machining process by honing

The oil purification plant serves as an auxiliary unit to machine tools for processing of mechanical parts by honing, where oil properties are renewed for honing in the form suitable for reuse as well as for preparation of cooling water used in the process.

The main functions of this complex plant are:
  • holding of the so-called “dirty” oil, i.e. oil used in the process of treatment by honing
  • separation of metal particles that result from oil during honing procedure
  • oil filtering
  • holding of cooling water required for honing treatment process
  • supply of honing machine with cooling water

    • Postrojenje za hađenje i filtriranje

The oil purification plant consists of:

  • 1. Unpurified oil entry
  • 2. Deposit container
  • 3. Magnetic separator
  • 4. Centrifugal oil separator
  • 5. Unpurified oil level sensor
  • 6. Unpurified oil submersible pump
  • 7. Unpurified oil tank
  • 8. Oil flowing out of treatment zone
  • 9. Tank washing oil
  • 10.Cooling system
  • 11.Pure oil for rinsing
  • 12.Rinse pumps: pure oil

  • 13.Pure oil tank
  • 14.Pure oil tank level sensor
  • 15.Cooling water for spindle 1
  • 16.Cooling water for spindle 2
  • 17.Cooling system water
  • 18.Pure oil for honing machine
  • 19.High pressure pump: pure oil
  • 20.Cooling water tank level sensor
  • 21.Cooling water tank
  • 22.Cooling water submersible pump
  • 23.Cooling water from honing machine
  • The principle of operation of the oil purification plant is the following:

    Dirty oil coming from the honing machine is collected in the dirty oil tank (1), after which, by means of the pump (6), it is dispatched in intervals to the magnetic separator (5) where rough particles are removed. The separated rough particles are deposited in the container of pre-filtered oil which is directed to the centrifugal oil separator (4). Purified oil is collected and cooled at the pure oil tank (3).
    The cooling system (10) installed in the pure oil tank (3) cools the oil by approximately 3-5°C above the room temperature. The submersible screw pump (9) takes the pure and cooled oil for honing at the flow of about 30 l/min and pressure of 60 bar towards the cleaning nozzles in the honing ring.v Additionally, the submersible pump (7, model TC 63/560+001) dispatches the pure and cooled oil at the flow of about 30 l/min and pressure of 3 bar towards rinsing nozzles in the honing ring.The submersible pump (8) pumps cooling water through cooling coils which are placed in the honing oil towards the spindles of the machine. The spindles are therefore adjusted to the honing oil temperature rise and there is no large difference in tool temperature.
    Postrojenje za hađenje i filtriranje View from the right
    1. Main switch
    2. Main cabinet
    3. Screw pump manometer
    4. Manometar pumpe za ispiranje
    5. Rinse pump manometer
    Postrojenje za hađenje i filtriranje View from the left
    1. Magnetic separator
    2. Coolant pump level indicator
    3. Centrifugal oil separator
    4. Cooling system
    5. Coolant tank level indicator
    Postrojenje za hađenje i filtriranje Magnetic separator
    1. Motor drive
    2. Deposit container
    3. Waste oil pump manometer
    The purpose of the magnetic filter of the cylinder is to pre-filter dirty oil by separating ferromagnetic particles from the oil.

    Other steps in the purification procedure:

  • Unpurified oil enters into the antechamber through entry pipes
  • Steady inflow of waste oil into the magnetic separator is achieved by the installed baffle plates and the form of the pre-filling chamber.
  • Magnetic cylinder rotates in a direction contrary to the direction of the incoming liquid flow.
  • Ferromagnetic particles stick to the magnetic cylinder.
  • Magnetic cylinder lifts the stuck particles
  • Wiping boards remove the deposits in the deposit container
  • Tilting of the 4 C wiper upwards results in the disposal of dry deposit

  • Impurities (solid) from the honing oil are separated in the centrifugal oil separator
    Postrojenje za hađenje i filtriranje Centrifugal oil separator
    1. Pure oil outlet
    2. Dirty oil inlet
    3. Euchner safety valve
    Principle of operation of the centrifugal separator is the following:
    • From the magnetic separator, the oil is conveyed to the lid of the housing of the centrifugal unit.
    • Solid particles fall on the floor of the rotor.
    • By centrifugal force, the oil is filtered and lifted to the internal walls of the rotor
    • Purified oil is collected and conducted through the outlet pipe.
    • That way (upwards), solid particles are driven and deposited on the wall of the solid pad.
    Postrojenje za hađenje i filtriranje
    1. Dirty oil tank
    2. Cooling water tank
    3. Pure oil tank
    4. Cleaning centrifuge
    5. Magnetic filter cylinder
    6. Dirty oil pump
    7. Rinse pump
    8. Cooling water pump
    9. Screw pump
    10. Cooling system
    11. Electrical cabinet
    12. Main switch
    Pump flows are set by the regulating valve in the pipeline. The levels of the pure and dirty oil are monitored by the level sensor and once the pure oil level falls below the minimum, the pure oil tank must be replenished with oil.