Industrial Cabinets

Easy and efficient installation of cabinet structure, without welding process. For development and design of cabinet structures, Kaldera Company uses Solid Edge 3D modelling, which enables avoidance of errors in making and installation. Making of the prefabricated elements is performed on highly productive and precise CNC machines which do not allow for any inconsistency in assembling the positions.
The elements are assembled by screws and with special silumin joints for angles, which enable use of the same basic structure for different cabinet heights, widths and depths. Complete internal cabinet structure is made of aluzinc. The use of aluzinc for the internal structure parts has multiple benefits. Modern processes endeavor to achieve the easiest and most compact structure possible, and at the same time to meet the static requirements of load-bearing capacity.

At the same time, possibility of appearance of corrosion is excluded. Great rigidity of the structure is achieved by the procedure of folding. By sheet folding procedure, structure rigidity is increased, sharp edges are avoided and esthetic appearance of the cabinet is upgraded. The cabinet and internal parts are laminated by the electrostatic procedure, using a polyester color powder. Protection rating reaches up to IP65. Modern procedure of application of the expanding polyurethane mass and precise fitting of machine positions achieve a high level of IP protection which has been certified.
Certified busbar system of up to 4000A rated current and up to 105kA short circuit current under the IEC standards. Electrical components of various manufacturers can be installed. All equipment can be assembled in separate cabinet segments. Cables are distributed in the back of the cabinet and they are not visible from the front. Closing of the segments is performed by a plug door - masks. Using the segment door enables selection of a cabinet with or without door. Cabinet door can be made of glass or metal. Special hinges and frames enable connecting several heavy cabinets into one unit. Cabinet stand is adapted for transport by all types of pallet trucks with a possibility of access from all sides, the front, the side and the back. The roof of the cabinet is fitted with hooks which enable transport by crane.

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