Gas insulated switchgears

Medium Voltage Gas Insulated Switchgears (Schneider Electric)

Main Features

Gas insulated switchgear with a vacuum circuit-breaker up to 40.5kV/40kA(3s)/2500A Single and double busbars Supply continuity of 2A Resistance to internal arc 40kA

Benefits for Users

High level of personnel and equipment safety, simple handling Safe for the environment – no contact with gas during installation Various types of cable connections, Integrated equipment protection system Regardless of whether you manufacture, distribute or only use the electricity, the contemporary economic situation imposes the need for a favorable solution that will at the same time be reliable, safe and easy to use. The range of the medium voltage cells for application in electricity distribution meets all the requirements, from the simplest to the most demanding processes. This switchgear is highly reliable and suitable for application in power utility and industrial networks, power plants and infrastructure facilities. This switchgear has been designed for voltages up to 24kV and can be fitted with circuit-breakers or contactors, both the vacuum and the SF6 gas.


This switchgear has been type-tested under the IEC 62271-200 and defined as:
  • PM – switchgear divided by metal partitions and shutters into segregated compartments
  • Service continuity LSC 2B
  • Internal arc class AFL(R)

  • Safety

    These switchgears have been designed to ensure operator safety and service continuity. The cells are accessed from the front and all operations are performed while compartment doors are closed. A system of mechanical blockages prevents operator’s faults and disables insertion of the lever unless it is completely safe to do so.