Antenna Towers

Mobile telephony steel lattice antenna towers of the ASK type structure and manufacture are a steel lattice crossarm system, consisting of hot rolled one-sided steel angles mutually connected by corresponding boards and hot-dip galvanized screws. The static silhouette reflects a rational choice for tower geometry adopted based on the required number and position of GSM antennas and mini links.
The static calculation of the tower is made by TOWER computer program, and analysis of tower load is made in compliance with standards. The existing reinforcement is controlled in compliance with the BAB 87 rulebook on concrete and reinforced concrete.

Anti-corrosion protection is made by hot-dip galvanization in compliance with the ISO 1461-1.The tower is additionally painted by the warning color in compliance with the ICAO air traffic regulations.

Types of steel lattice towers by main characteristics:
Ident Purpose
Tower type ASK-16; ASK-20; ASK-24; ASK-30; ASK-36; ASK-40; ASK-42
Structure type steel lattice four sided
Tower height 16; 20; 24, 30; 36; 40; 42 m

Characteristics of the terrain on which the tower can be used:

Ident Purpose
Basic wind speed vm, 50, 10=25,00 i 30 m/s
Terrain topography Axisymmetrical hills with a slope inclination imax = 25%
Terrain roughness class open space
Ice deposit thickness s = 5,0 cm
Structure weight including antenna supports, ladder and internal footrests Depending on tower type